Other Versions of Me

“There used to be a Me but I had it surgically removed.”
— Peter Sellers, The Muppet Show episode 219

About my name: I was born Darren Wershler [dw], then was Darren Wershler-Henry [dw=h] for a while. Now I’m Darren Wershler [dw(-h)] again. It’s a long story. Buy me enough drinks and I’ll tell it to you some time. Meanwhile, here are some other versions of me:

My Concordia University faculty page
My primary research project, The Residual Media Depot
My Wikipedia page
My Twitter feed
My Wayback Machine record for this site

DW: Photos

DW 1 zipped 300 dpi version

DW 2 zipped 300 dpi version


dw(-h) portrait: Loree Cameron (formerly Wershler — my sister, a graphic designer. She drew me “anime style” after observing that I already kind of look like an anime character. It’s funny because I fucking hate anime.)

Both photos of me are by Steve Venright.

The site theme is Designer, a theme by Array (formerly Okay), a company that no longer exists. It’s residual media all the way down.

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