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This is an abbreviated list of my shorter publications (see my CV for a more complete list):


Chapters in books: Peer-Reviewed

Exchange on Circulars.” New Media Poetics: Contexts, TechnoTexts, and Theories. Ed. Adalaide Morris and Thomas Swiss. Cambridge: Leonardo Books/MIT Press, 2006. 73-94. With Brian Kim Stefans.

“OG Style: Ice T/Jacques Derrida.” Postmodern Apocalypse: Theory and Cultural Practice at the End. Ed. Richard Dellamora. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995. 241-61.

“Canadian “Pataphysics: Geognostic Interrogations of A Distant Somewhere.” Semiotext(e) Canadas. Ed. Jordan Zinovich. New York/Peterborough: Semiotext(e)/Marginal Editions, 1994. 66-78.

“Return from Without: Louis Riel and Liminal Space.” Gone to Croatan: Origins of American Dropout Culture. Ed. Ron Sakolsky and James Koehnline. New York: Autonomedia/AK Press, 1993. 315-28.


Chapters in Books

“Treatise On Style — Louis Aragon.” Lost Classics, ed. Michael Ondaatje, Michael Redhill, Esta Spalding, Linda Spalding. Toronto: Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 2000. 290-94.


Journal Articles: Peer-Reviewed

Sonic Signage: [murmur], the Refrain and Territoriality.” Canadian Journal of Communication 33.3 (2008): 405-18.

Technologies of Dictation: Typewriting and the Toronto Research Group.” Capilano Review 2:50 (Fall 2006): 111-21.

Vertical Excess: what fuckan theory and bill bissett’s Concrete Poetics.” Capilano Review ser. 2.23 (Fall 1997): 117-23.


Journal and Magazine Articles

“Alienated 9: Zombie Parables. ” Matrix 79 (spring 2008): 52-53.

“Alienated 8: Dokaka – Air Guitar Jordan. ” Matrix 78 (fall 2007): 46-47.

“Alienated 7: Construction Time Again.” Matrix 77 (summer 2007): 54-55.

“The Poet’s Stave and Bar.” Rampike 15.1 (2007): 30-34.

“Alienated 6: Welcome to Uranus. ” Matrix 76 (spring 2007): 36-37.

“Alienated 5: Playing with Dolls.” Matrix 75 (fall 2006): 3.

“Alienated 4: New Voyages. ” Matrix 74 (summer 2006): 2-3.

“Uncreative is the New Creative: Kenneth Goldsmith Not Typing.” Open Letter 12th ser. 7 (Fall 2005): 152-59.

“Not An Especially Bright Dog.” BRICK 76 (Winter 2005): 104-08.

“Alienated 2: You Whores.” Matrix 72 (fall 2005): 8-9.

“Alienated 1: under difficulties semi colon. ” Matrix 71 (summer 2005): 6-7.

Writers of the World, Unclench.THIS 37.2 (September/October 2003): 28-32.

“The Trouble With Grad School: A Found Critique.” Open Letter 10th ser. 5 (Spring 1999): 95.

“Argument for A Secular Martyrology.” Open Letter 10th ser. 4 (Fall 1998): 37-47.

“NICHOLODEON: Epitaph.” Open Letter 9th ser. 8 (Spring 1997): 99-114.

“Devour More Prime Meat Blindly: The ‘Pataphysics of the Keyboard.” Open Letter 9th ser. 7 (Winter 1997). Millennial ‘Pataphysics issue. 64-81.

“Concatenation Hemorrhaging: Framing John Riddell.” Open Letter 8th ser. 8 (Winter 1994). Toronto Since Then (part 1), ed. Clint Burnham, Lance la Rocque, Lisa Narbeshuber. 117-27.

“The (W)Hole in the Middle: The Metaphysics of Presence in the Criticism of Robert Kroetsch.” Open Letter 8th ser. 3 (Spring 1992): 58-75.


Criticism and Book Reviews: Peer-Reviewed

Review of Eduardo Kac, ed., Media Poetry. American Book Review. Forthcoming, 2008.

Review of Laura J. Murray and Samuel E. Trosow, Canadian Copyright: A Citizen’s Guide. TOPIA. Forthcoming, 2008.

Review of Michael Strangelove, Empire of Mind. Canadian Journal of Communication 33.1 (2008).

Review of Ian Monk, Writings for the Oulipo. American Book Review 29.3 (March/April 2008): 12.


Criticism and Book Reviews

“Picky, Picky, Oh So Picky …” Review of The Toothpick: Culture and Technology, Henry Petroski. The Globe and Mail, Janary 12, 2008.

“Trickledown Wikinomics.” Quill & Quire, March 2007. 3.

Review of Wikinomics, Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams. Quill & Quire,, March 2007.

“Cyclops Revolution” A Review of 4 poetry CDs from Cyclops Press. Books in Canada 28.4 (May 1999): 25-26.

“Minimal Swerve.” A Review of Steve McCaffery’s The Cheat of Words. Books in Canada 26.2 (March 1997): 18.

“Missing Mass: Christopher Dewdney on Science Fiction.” Prairie Fire 15.2 (Summer 1994): 220-28.

“Under the Radar: Five New Poets, Six New Books.” Quarry 42.3 (1993): 123-38.



“‘Strangled by an Intestine’: An Interview with Guy Maddin.” Virus 23 $ [third issue] (Spring 1992): 11-14.

“Queen Victoria’s Personal Spook, Psychic Legbreakers, Snakes and Catfood.” An Interview with William Gibson and Tom Maddox. Virus 23 0 (Fall 1989): 28-36.