The Residual Media Depot

The Residual Media Depot (RMD) holds the largest institutional collection of boxed video game consoles in Canada. The Depot’s collection is unique in that it also includes the largest institutional collection of modified (“modded”) consoles in the world, specifically, those that have been modified to output RGB and HDMI signals. We also have a wide range of upscalers, signal processors, converters and custom-made cables to use with these consoles, and a modest collection of video game arcade cabinet marquees.

Twitter: @residualmedia

Flickr: Residual Media Depot photos


Amodern is a peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly journal devoted to the study of media, culture, and poetics. Its purpose is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary conversations about the role of media and technology in contemporary cultural practices. We are particularly interested in those topics that normally escape scrutiny, or are ignored or excluded for whatever reason.

The journal is distinguished by its focus on poetics as a scholarly practice, with particular emphasis on the unruly ways that people deploy media and technology behind, beneath, and despite their instrumental functions. Against the grain of determinism, we hope to attract work that bears witness to media as complex assemblages of institutions, subjects, bodies, objects, and discourses.

Scott Pound and I founded Amodern in 2012, and its first issue appeared in 2013. Michael Nardone acted as Managing Editor from 2013 to 2018, and became an Editor in 2019.

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